Thanks to nature

Nature gives us a lot, a lot. With the combination of our alpaca farm and weaving studio, we want to make good use of this and at the same time give something back to nature and our environment.

Our alpacas not only provide us with excellent quality wool, but are also wonderful company. These sweet cuddly heroes are our children who give us a lot of fun and joie de vivre every day. They deserve to be able to live in optimal conditions and enjoy their home in Ibiza.

“The health and quality of life of our alpacas is always our absolute priority.

But we also want to share all that alpaca fun. With nature, with the environment and with our fellow man. Without the animals experiencing any discomfort or stress, we like to show young and old all those great qualities of our alpacas.

Our weaving studio is also completely based on this unique interaction with nature and our paradise environment. After all, in addition to wool, nature also gives us local flowers and plants with which we can color and process that wool in a natural way.

Old crafts in new clothes

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Ibiza also has a rich tradition of weaving and spinning and we would like to reconnect with that. By organizing workshops on wool processing and weaving, by dusting off the old spinning and weaving crafts of the island and by involving those old artisan traditions in our creative process, giving them the respect they deserve.

“Ibiza has a rich tradition of weaving and spinning and we would like to reconnect with that

And don’t forget: our weaving creations are examples of sustainability: unique creations based on 100% natural fabrics, made by hand on the basis of centuries-old patterns and good for decades of wool pleasure.

In this way the circle is complete and we give back to nature and the environment what we get. And that’s a lot.