Wishfulfilling Weaving

Made in Ibiza, embracing the world

Wishfulfilling Weaving is the brainchild of San De Wilde, who emigrated from Belgium to Ibiza at the end of 2018 together with her husband. San founded Wishfulfilling Weaving in 2014 and soon made a name with her beautiful weaving creations, hand woven on a traditional wooden loom. The focus of her weaving creations is on turning centuries-old weaving patterns using mainly durable alpaca wool into exclusive scarves and luxury clothing.

Professional & traditional weaving

Always intrigued by textiles and fabrics, Wishfulfilling Weaving founder San was bitten by the weaving bug in 2013. Designing and creating her own clothes had always been a passion, but it was only by using the loom that she could really fully explore her creativity. She immersed herself in the craft and, after a few smaller table models, bought a traditional Swedish loom in solid wood. The previous owner was a 92-year-old expert weaver who wanted to pass on her passion, knowledge and favourite weaving tool to a new generation after a long life on the loom. The old lady was so impressed by San’s weaving creations that she immediately invited her for a week of private lessons, so that she could pass on her knowledge and tricks of the trade to her successor. Out of respect for her teacher, San kept the name that the previous owner gave to her large loom: Big Ben.

Alpaca wool from our own farm

Although other high quality material such as linen, mohair and silk are also occasionally used, Wishfulfilling Weaving focusses on the use of high quality alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is known as The Fluffy Gold: softer than silk, rarer than cashmere and warmer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca wool has many unique properties: it is hypoallergenic, fire and water resistant, elastic, antibacterial and very strong. Alpaca wool is also sweat and dust repellent, does not itch and breathes naturally thanks to its hollow fibre structure. Alpacas grow this superwool in 24 colors and even more than 250 shades, but can also be dyed with natural flora extracts. Because Wishfulfilling Weaving has its own alpaca farm, we can use high-quality alpaca wool from our own herd.

Pure nature

Respect for what nature gives us is the philosophy of Wishfulfilling Weaving and this is also expressed in the way we proces our wool. The freshly shorn fibre of our alpacas is picked clean and washed by hand. The fantastic fibres are then also manually cleaned by means of the so-called carding technique, after which they are manually spun into woven-ready yarns according to the old spinning tradition. The colouring is also done completely naturally with extracts of flowers and plants, such as ibizcus and even avocado. Never by machine, always by hand. Never artificial, always pure nature.

New luxury life for old patterns

San prefers to work with centuries-old weaving patterns that she finds in old weaving manuals and forgotten traditional pattern books. Inspired by nature, she combines those traditional patterns with a fresh look of modern fashion trends and her own creative design and weaving style. These centuries-old patterns are given a new lease of life as they eventually roll as exclusive scarves or other unique handwoven designs of the loom. In addition to his own collection, Wishfulfilling Weaving also designs exclusive tailor-made weaving creations, in which the pattern, material and colours are chosen in consultation with the customer.

Unique slow fashion

From shearing the alpacas to processing the wool to spinning the yarn and finally weaving: everything is done by hand in the most traditional way. It is a very labour-intensive and slow process, which makes Wishfulfilling Weaving the ultimate example of a slow fashion. In combination with the 100% sustainable philosophy, this makes every weaving creation unique and original, impossible to duplicate, let alone to bring into production in large quantities. This sustainable slow fashion approach ensures an extremely limited stock of unique creations.

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