Made in Ibiza, embracing the world

One with nature

Our One with Nature collection consists of exclusive luxury scarves of the highest quality, with unique designs based on ancient patterns from the 17th and 18th centuries. The collection is inspired by the womb of our existence: nature and its wonderful elements and beauty. The versatile creations were mainly woven from durable alpaca wool, although other high-quality weaving materials such as linen, mohair and silk wool were given a distinctive supporting role.

Original works of art

During the weaving process, master weaver San De Wilde always gives her own touch to both the design and the structure of the scarf. Weaving is an organic process, a state of mind. Passion and art are interwoven and each creation comes to life organically at the loom during the intensive manual weaving process. Each Wishfulfilling Weaving creation is therefore a unique work of art that you will carry over your shoulders for the rest of your life.

We Weave your dream

Does our One with Nature collection make you dream of having your own unique dream scarf? Wishfulfilling Weaving is happy to help you fulfil that wish. On individual request, San De Wilde and the customer can create their own design based on wool and yarn, pattern, weaving technique and other details of their choice.