Unique in Ibiza: Alpaca Yoga. Come and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing yoga session in our Alpaca Yoga village, surrounded by beautiful nature and our alpacas. After all, alpacas and yoga are a heavenly combination.


What is it?

– Our Hatha Yoga teacher Elena has been teaching yoga on Ibiza for over 10 years.

– Hatha Yoga is a very accessible form of yoga, suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Hatha Yoga is perfect for releasing accumulated stress and tension and bringing you to a state of total relaxation.

– Hatha Yoga consists of simple relaxation techniques, breathing and meditation.



– Alpacas are soothing, calm and spiritual animals that are naturally very ‘zen’.

– Alpacas are also very curious and feel perfectly at ease with people who move calmly and slowly.

– Alpacas also make a humming noise that sounds a lot like the ‘Ooohm’ greeting in yoga.



– Every Wednesday and Saturday morning in the Alpaca Yoga village of Es Currals Alpacas Ibiza. Private sessions can also be arranged on request. Places are limited to 6 yogi per session. Exceptionally, on special request, space can be made for larger groups.



– 30€ per person for an Alpaca Yoga session of 1h 15 min.