Unlike cows, goats and other ruminants with four stomachs, alpacas are pseudo-ruminants with three stomach chambers. They eat up to two kilograms of hay and grass a day, which, through a unique digestive process lasting over 65 hours, produces the purest and most prolific manure of any animal species in the form of black droppings. In Peru, the country of origin of alpacas, these are sometimes called Oro Negro: Black Gold. They owe this nickname to their safe and powerful effect as a fertiliser.


Moreover, it is the only odourless manure, so it is free of flies and insects and can be used perfectly at home or in your garden without any unpleasant scents. We manually filter these droppings – which we have named Alcaca Oro Negro – so that they no longer contain any stones, weeds or sand and offer them in small and large quantities: from a mini bag of 125 grams to large orders of hundreds of kilograms.

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Alpaca manure can be used immediately and, thanks to the alpacas’ long and unique digestive process, does not need to be composted. The Mediterranean climate in Ibiza and the specialised feeding of our alpacas also have the advantage that the droppings are always bone dry. In this way they function optimally in absorbing (rain) water, which they then steadily release in your potting soil or (vegetable) garden, supplemented with the perfect dose of soil nutrients (phosphorous/nitrate/concentrates). As if that were not enough, alpaca manure works in this way for months and even years. With the same droppings!


Interested in this magical manure? Order now at info@alpacasibiza.com and we will send our magisterial Alcaca Oro Negro to your home.