Always wanted an alpaca, but no place, time or budget? No problem, you can also adopt our alpacas! By making a monthly contribution to the medical and food costs, you can call yourself the godparent of your own alpaca in Ibiza for a year and you will be helping us considerably in taking the best possible care of our animals.


Symbolically adopting one of our alpacas for a year comes down to this:


You pay 75€ per month (900€ in advance for the whole year) for the food and medical care of your adopted animal and in return you get a sponsor package that includes


* Official certificate of adoption

* 6 farm tours with 4 friends or family members

* 5kg filtered alpaca manure from your own adopted animal

* an alpaca calendar and diary

* an alpaca key ring

* a framed picture of your adopted animal

* a professional photo shoot with your adopted animal

* 10% discount on the purchase of Wishfulfilling Weaving 100% alpaca weaving creation

* 15% discount on the purchase of other merchandising in our farm shop