Holy moly! Hi y’all, this is Barbarella speaking. I just got the news that our new parents arranged our road & sea trip to Ibiza! Tickets and boarding cards in da pocket, yo! Sooo looking forward to this.. Our own classy limo, a huge yacht… ??

Better start packing my make-up bag! ?? Me and my BFFs Dusty and Marrón are defo ready for our big adventure. Hope Dusty behaves because she can be a little hell raiser. Then again, our two male travel companions Mojo and Lewis will keep her quiet, I guess. No fooling around, folks! ??

Can’t deny I’m a little scared about the long trip, though… How will my rose grey hair look like when we arrive at the new farm!!! ???

Anyway, nice talking to you’all! See you in a bit in…IBIZAAAAA! ???

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